The Queens College ALumni Network

Did you know that you are all lifetime members of the Queens College Alumni Network?

The good news: You don’t need to join. You’re already in! The alumni network supports Queens College’s history, traditions, accomplishments, and initiatives; advances the needs of a global, diverse student body; and creates a community culture of alumni participation and philanthropy. An engaged and connected alumni network is a valuable resource for soon to be graduates, graduates of the last decade (GOLD) and every graduate since 1941.

You all have a QC story to tell – some of you came here because of family members who graduated from QC. Some lived in the neighborhood, attended one of the local high schools or participated in “bridge” programs; and others simply liked the affordability and excellence of the programs here.

Your undergraduate years were just the beginning of a lifelong relationship with Queens College, your classmates and a community of accomplished individuals who will support you, advise you and be a resource throughout your journey.

Your stories have played a major role in shaping who you are. We would enjoy hearing from you. Email and share your QC story with us.  

We wish everyone good health and success in the New Year!


Warm regards,


Laura Abrams
Senior Director

Office of Alumni Relations


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