A Conversation with Frederick Warburg Peters: Business Leader and Real Estate Expert


Frederick Warburg Peters '79 is a graduate of Yale College with a Masters Degree from CUNY, Frederick entered the real estate business in 1980 as a residential agent at Albert B. Ashforth. He acquired and renamed the 95-year-old firm in 1991, expanding it to 4 locations and 130 agents. With a culture centered on ethics and respect, Warburg stands as one of the last privately owned brokerages in NYC.

Frederick is a values-driven leader and currently holds the position of VP of Residential Brokerage on the Executive Committee for the Real Estate Board of New York (REBNY).

There is a common belief that, because they work only on commission, real estate brokers have primarily their own best interests in mind. While it is true that the industry fosters high anxiety, most brokers are intelligent and highly trained professionals. For the last 30 years, Frederick has made it his goal to refashion the industry's negative reputation, not just for his firm, but also for the entire brokerage community. It is his commitment to integrity and expertise that has positioned Warburg as one of New York’s premier independent residential brokerages which values good business practices and their clients above all.

In his weekly blog posts, Frederick goes beyond the focus of current economic and political conditions affecting the marketplace, diving deeper into the personal benefits and aesthetics of homeownership.

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