Queens College photography students engaged in a visit to the Flomehaft Gallery, founded in 2004 by Mrs. Eleanor Flomenhaft ’83


Mrs. Eleanor Flomenhaft's professional life encompasses eight careers.  She began as a piano teacher and was a major support of her family before she ever graduated from High School.  She has a degree in interior design and later graduated from Hofstra University with a BA in Art History.  Here, she was asked to be the curator of the Emily Lowe Gallery where she organized an exhibit of British watercolors that was profiled 4 times on Channel 13.

Later in her career, as the director and chief curator of the Fine Arts Museum of Long Island she curated over 150 exhibits.  These exhibits have travelled to over 65 museums in the US and abroad.  While at the Fine Arts Museum of Long Island, she created the first computer imaging art center in the United States so that underprivileged children would have the opportunity to cross what she perceived could become the opportunity divide.

Mrs. Flomenhaft earned her Master’s in Art History from Queens College in 1983.  In 1985, Mrs. Flomenhaft wrote the first book in English on CoBrA Art, the abstract expressionists in Europe.

In 1991, she passed the series 7 and series 65 tests and became a stock broker and financial analyst.  She has received an award from President Ronald Reagan for her contributions in the arts and has served as the US Judge for the Central American Biennale in 1992.

In 2004, Mrs. Flomenhaft opened her own gallery in Chelsea, New York.  She is known to exhibit more women artists than any other gallery, including artists of all ethnic origins and gender preferences.  Mrs. Flomenhaft writes for every exhibit that she has curated.  She has lectured in numerous universities and museums in the US, Russia and Costa Rica.

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