The Office of Alumni Relations is committed to strengthening the link between the college and our alumni, to be a resource for your career advancement and progress, and to be a home for you to come back to and meet with fellow alumni.

The most renowned colleges and universities often boast alumni who have made it to top offices of government, business, social and civic society; and/or are household names in the communities within which they reside. Queens College is no different. Our graduates have gone on to successful careers in many fields and contributed significantly to the way we live, and to the lives of others. We encourage you to share your own milestone achievements with us here.

An engaged and connected alumni network is also a wonderful resource for current students. Perhaps you have an opportunity at your place of business to hire a student intern or have them shadow you or a colleague for “real world” experience.  Consider joining the ASK (Alumni Sharing Knowledge) program. Email with your LinkedIn profile and specify career preparation/industry topics you can speak about, to join our list of prospective virtual guests.

We appreciate your support and look forward to engaging with you for years to come.


Warm regards,


Laura Abrams
Senior Director

Office of Alumni Relations


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