Queens College Commencement 2019


This year, alumni celebrating their 40th, 50th, 60th, 70th, and 75th anniversary of their graduation from Queens College were invited back to participate in our commencement ceremonies. The reunion classes, adorned in full academic regalia, led the procession of graduating students into the bright future that awaits them. The Office of Alumni Relations hosted a luncheon for the honored classes after the event. We enjoyed watching our alumni connect with one another, whether they saw an old friend or made a new one! Thank you to all our alumni that came back to our beautiful campus to celebrate!


Highlights from the event!


Did you graduate in 1944, 1949, 1959, 1969 or 1979?

See who from your class attended our Reunion Celebration below:


Share Your Reunion Memories with Us!

I have not a memory, but several! My memories are about professors!

C. Soskin ‘59

My best memory is going to the Student Union and getting together with classmates.

L. Astudillo ‘79

Learning how to deal with anything!  Computer Science—for example— writing programs on punch cards, if any of the cards were out of place, the program wouldn’t compile or run.  Not losing my sanity over this was a major accomplishment!

D. Brown Bodine ’69, ‘87

The winter of 68-69, the cheerleading squad went to D.C with the basketball team.  On the way home there was a blizzard and although we made it back to QC, I had to walk in the deep snow to a friend’s house—QC resilience.

A. Hess ‘69

Do you have a favorite memory from your time at QC?

Please send to alumni@qc.cuny.edu.


Reunion Giving


Reunions provide a wonderful opportunity to celebrate memories, catch up with classmates and friends, and see how your alma mater is growing and changing.

Everyone has the opportunity to participate in their reunion by making a gift in honor of their class year, or by purchasing a brick at the special reunion pricing.

By giving back to your alma mater, you will ensure that the college can keep providing an exceptional educational experience for students today and for years to come.


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