Steven Wojsnis is a junior majoring in computer science.

“Three years after deciding on my college, I can confidently say Queens College was the right choice for me. I was lucky enough to be chosen for the Freshman Honors Program, as well as for the QC Scholars Scholarship – both of which have influenced my college experience greatly. The financial aid of the scholarship allows me to truly focus on my studies in a world where most college students (particularly those attending private colleges) are constantly worried about their debts. Furthermore, Freshman Honors Program (FHP) introduced me to some of the kindest and most intelligent people I’ve met. The importance of the sense of community that FHP has cannot be stressed enough, as it provides students with a sort of social safe haven, in a somewhat intimidatingly large college community. As for my prospective career, I’ve been lucky enough to intern at the technology department of Legg Mason, an investment management company, and hope to participate in more internships and jobs across all fields of computer science. Computer science is shaping the modern world, and I hope to be one of the many who will usher our generation into the new technological future.”






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