Daniella Spira

"I chose to attend Queens College because of the rigorous Accounting program. I am majoring in Accounting & Information Systems and double minoring in Economics and Business & Liberal Arts. When I received my merit scholarship I was appreciative that my academic excellence was recognized. In addition, the scholarship pushes me to maintain the perfect GPA I have today. My dreams are to go to Business school, get an MBA and start my own business.  My parents and I are forever thankful to the alumni who sponsor my Queens College scholarship; it has lessened the financial burden and enabled me to be able to pursue my dreams and eventually reach my goals. At Queens College I enjoy getting involved in many groups and clubs. Last year I was a member of the Student Marketing Advisory Board, a marketing club in which the students gave their input on Queens College’s advertising campaigns. I was also a part of the Freshman Honors Program, which gave me the opportunity to be a part of a small close-knit class and take classes on an honor level.  This year, I look forward to joining the Economics & Business club and the Ambassador program. In my free time I volunteer for Chai Lifeline and visit cancer patients in hospitals and at their homes. During the fall and spring semesters I have taken a full course load of classes along with working part time at an internship."





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