Angelina Ezratty is a senior completing her B.A. in Mathematics and Education 7-12.

After two years of indecisiveness towards what college I wanted to attend, upon receiving notice that I was accepted into the Freshman Honors Program with a scholarship, my decision was clear. The moment I stepped foot onto campus at the freshman orientation, I knew I had made the right choice. The diversity of the Queens College student body has given me an education in and of itself. The Freshman Honors Program allowed me to make a smooth transition from high school to college—offering a nurturing, supportive environment that made such a large scale school seem like home. Through both the Freshman Honors and TIME 2000 Programs, I have met unique individuals and have been exposed to countless opportunities that I would not have gotten to experience otherwise. For example, through the TIME 2000 program, I have been able to attend multiple seminars, conferences, and mathematics oriented field trips, as well as assist in hosting a large scale conference, “Celebrating Mathematics Teaching,” three years in a row. Each of these experiences has allowed me to gain a greater appreciation for my field of study. In addition, because of the scholarships I have received through both programs, I have been fortunate enough to truly dedicate my time to getting the most out of my education, rather than having to allocate time to make ends meet. My college experience would not have been the same without these two incredible programs, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.






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