WHY I Support QC


 Stephen Orphanos '62

Looking back, Stephen Orphanos recalls his education at QC fondly and in great detail. “I remember having to take all the required courses like Contemporary Civilization and thinking how I would never use this information,” he says. “Yet, there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t read something that is connected to a topic I learned about back then.” Orphanos completed a degree in Mathematics and went on to teach at Jamaica High School for 30 years until his retirement. “It was a wonderful school. I was recently in touch with some of my students from the 60s, and I was touched by their kind words for me as a teacher.”

Why I Give

In 2011, Mr. Orphanos started a scholarship which offers students tuition assistance. 14 students have been awarded this scholarship to date. “I have such a feeling of gratitude for this school,” he says. “To think that I received this amazing education for no cost – I think there was a $10 fee and then I had to buy books. I wanted to show my appreciation for that superb education, and helping students who need a hand seemed a good way to do so."