Reunion 21

Commencement 2022
Classes of 1942, 1947, 1952, 1962 and 1972 were invited to join the Office of Alumni Relations at Commencement on Thursday June 2nd!
Commencement was a magical event in so many ways. Watch this special highlights video that really captures much of the magic:
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  • "Loved the original buildings: A, B, C, D, E. Delightful experience and a friendly staff. The small college experience was great!"- Doris Halberstein '52


  • "Three degrees from QC. Loved every minute (almost every minute)!"
    - Marvin Kramer '62


  • "The Queens College Follies! I was in College Inn, Houseplan. We took second prize in a riff on the Miss America contest. 'There she is, miscellaneous'!"
    - Beth Kaplan Morris '62


  • "A wonderful event. I met some nice alums. This all brought back fond memories." - Richard Reif '62


  • "I clearly remember being editor of Spectrum and becoming a member of Who's Who in American Colleges. All due to the magnificent time at Queens College." - Linda Klein Tucker '62


  • "Loved attending lectures about American music (Aaron Copeland) and art."
    - Sherrie Hymowitz '72


  • "Enjoyed writing for the school paper (entertainment and sports)."
    - Bruce Karp '72


  • "Failing my first and only test. Psych statistics professor Emma Spaney took me under her wings and the rest in history. She was a powerful advocate and a wonderful professor." - Bernice Siegal '72


  • "I truly appreciate my education at Queens College. I had a wonderful year through CUNY's study abroad (junior year) in Seville, at the University in Spain. I even learned flamenco dance." - Jane A. Stiefel '72




In the year 1947...

  • The first Word Series was televised, and Jackie Robinson became the first African American baseball player
  • The World War II peace treaties were signed
  • Anne Frank’s diary was published
  • The classic holiday film, Miracle on 34th Street debuted and won Best Picture


In the year 1952...

  • Elizabeth II becomes the Queen of England
  • The first transatlantic helicopter ride took place
  • The popular Mr. Potato Head toy was first sold in stores


In the year 1962...

  • First Beatles single “Love Me Do” dropped on the charts
  • The first Walmart opens
  • Marvel's Spider-Man superhero makes his first appearance in a comic
  • The first ever Nike running shoe was created


In the year 1972...

  • Watergate scandal took place
  • Pong, the first wide released video game was released
  • The Godfather was the highest grossing film of the year
  • The most popular TV show was “All in the Family!”


In the year 1982...

  • Michael Jackson’s album “Thriller” was released
  • The popular show “Cheers” premiered on television
  • Fast Times at Ridgemont High was released
  • Prince William is born to Princess Diana and Prince Charles


In the year 1992...

  • The largest shopping mall, Mall of America opened its doors
  • The television network, “Cartoon Network” was established
  • Pearl Jam and Nirvana are the most popular bands at the time
  • Aladdin and Sister Act are the most popular movies


In the year 1997...

  • Tiger Woods becomes the youngest golfer to win the Masters
  • Diana, Princess of Wales is killed in a car crash
  • The popular film Titanic premieres in the United States


In the year 2002...

  • Popular artists included Eminem and The Red Hot Chili Peppers
  • The Sims is the most popular computer game
  • The iPod was widely used to download music
  • Kelly Clarkson won the first American Idol


In the year 2012...

  • Marvel’s “The Avengers” becomes one of the highest grossing films
  • New York was affected greatly by Hurricane Sandy
  • The Women’s USA gymnastics team brought home the gold medal